Trip to Ontario, Canada

We went to Ontario on October 23-26 to participate in a Missions Conference at the Wainfleet Brethren in Christ Church, where Charlie Mashinter is the senior pastor.

The conference was well-planned and well-attended, with an international meal, talks by Randy and Jodi Goshorn who serve among the Isaan people in Thailand, sessions for the children, and a Sunday evening session on “Missions Means…” illustrated with stories by Wainfleet persons from their short-term or long-trm missionary service.

I spoke three times; JoLene spoke once, at the ladies luncheon.

Here are just a few of the tables at the international meal.



We thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with Chuck Rickman and his sister Theresa Rickman Gilmore, whom we knew when they were children in KS and I was pastor at Zion Brethren in Christ Church and their father was pastor of the Abilene Church.

For this weekend Chuck and his wife Rosa entertained us like family in their home.

On Monday we visited some tourist spots. First, the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, where in summertime theaters feature plays by George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries. Fortunately, Shaw himself happened to be strolling around town.


Here are other views of the town.



Here is the theater on the main street. Come and see a Shaw play here next season.


And at this shop you will find everything you always dreamed of…and more.


Leaving this charming town to GBS and the tourists, we drove south along the Niagara River, going upriver to the Falls, which we had seen before, so we gave it only a brief glance from the car. But from an earlier trip, here is a view of the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls) from the Skylon tower.

Niagara Falls 2007 021

Near the Falls is the Niagara Parks Greenhouse. Tropical birds sing and fly about inside.







Regarding the last photo above, even the electrical power station along the Niagara River looks like a museum!

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  1. Oh my goodness. Doesn’t the beauty of those flowers just take your breath away!!!! And the majesty and wonder of those falls. Who but GOD could bring such things into being?!!!!

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