Here is an update of news and photos of our family.

In September, Sheryl and Ed and their older son Yohannes flew to Ethiopia to meet and adopt a little girl, age 10 months. They named her Zariah.




And here is Zariah with her great-grandmother, Grace Hawbaker.


Did you ever have your photo taken with one of your great-grandparents?

And here are Melanie and their daughters.


And a closer view of the girls.

Samaya and Genesis - blue dress

Genesis, on the left, is wearing a smocked dress made by my mother.

One more mention of my mother, who at age 89, still lives alone in her own home and tends her own small garden. She enjoys raising this flower in her garden.


The flowers are about 2 inches across, veined with delicate pink and white. Trouble is, we have no name for this plant or flower! Can any of you, my blog followers, help us out with this?

4 Responses

  1. I love the pictures of your family! Keep posting them whenever you can!

  2. Pastor John, Brought in my resident florist (my wife )on identifying the flower. We believe it to be in the Rose of Sharon family or its relatives! Also thought you might be interested to know after years of Bluebird coaxing we had our first nesting this summer! Blessings.

    • Thanks for the clue about Rose of Sharon family. I will see if i can pursue this further.
      What joy to know you had your first nesting of bluebirds. I had two clutches that fledged at the walking trail at Manor Church Community Park.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

    Bob & Lois

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