London Again – 1

We arrived in London at Heathrow Airport on November 9.

Heathrow Terminal 5 is modern, immense and has eye-catching billboards and ads.

The economies of England and US are closely intertwined. At Heathrow you can have coffee and doughnuts at a Krispy Kreme restaurant!

November 9 through 11 we did the usual things that we do in our ministry: met with individual team members; attended a team meeting; attended a meeting at a church where Jay spoke on Christianity and Islam; took care of emails and other office work. Because our room is at the back of the hotel, the wireless connection does not reach us, so to do on line work, I have to sit in the tiny hotel office, or sit on the stairs ( a desperate move that I resort to only when necessary), or go to the Ploughshares Center (see below).

Because our small hotel has no lobby or other meeting area, when we have appointments with individuals, it is usually at a restaurant. When we meet with the team as a whole, it is at the Ploughshares Center, which is about three miles from our hotel.

At one breakfast my friend Jay had blood pudding.

It is the black cakes you see on the platter. As you may know, it is made from pig’s blood. I sampled Jay’s helping, and while the taste is not bad, I was content with two bites. I do not plan to order it.

In the Underground (subway) there are many ads, some with attractive art.

Here is a current poster that appears all over the Underground, along with similar ones.

I have mixed feelings about this campaign. On the one hand, I am grateful to see common sense promoted anywhere. On the other hand, does such a blitz of mean that our families and schools are failing to instill lessons in elemental manners?

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