In Bristol

We spent a day in Bristol.

I knew that it was a significant location in the ministry of John Wesley, so I wanted to check out Wesley’s Chapel. In the 1700s it was in a residential area next to the wharf and river. Today it is in a pedestrian shopping area.

Here is the entrance and the front courtyard.

The statue is, of course, Wesley holding a book in his hand, reading as he rides horseback to his next preaching appointment.

We arrived in time for weekly communion, held on Fridays at 1:00. Rev. Gordon James led the communion service. About 15 people were present.

The upstairs includes small rooms where the itinerant preachers stayed, rooms for Wesley himself (between travels he lived either here or in London, evidently spending the greater amount of time here) and a common room in the center, where the preachers studied and ate meals. Wesley ate with them when he was in town.

The back courtyard has a statue of Charles Wesley, the preacher and prolific song writer.

Next we walked through the shopping area and saw this Christmas display.

We walked through The Mall, which is huge and impressive.

And if you think your Christmas tree balls are big….

At the train station I saw this mosaic of a tower of the nearby Clifton Suspension Bridge, completed in 1864, rising 425 feet above the Avon Gorge and River.

At McDonald’s in the shopping area friendly female staff person asked us where we are from and what we do. She went on to tell us of losses and difficulties in her life. We told her we would pray for her. Would you join us in praying that she will find peace of mind, find caring Christians and become a devoted follower of Christ?

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