London Again – 2

With Bath and Bristol behind us, we returned to London to take up our typical ministry again – from November 15 through 18.

On Sunday the 15th we took Hope to attend services at Forest Gate Church, where Elias Moyo is founding pastor. He had both Hope and me give greetings. I of course highlighted the work of our London team and invited this church to visit the ministry at Speakers’ Corner. The service leader was from Nigeria. Elias preached on “Missions – God’s Agenda for Biblical People.”

Elias took the three of us out to dinner at Nando’s – a Portuguese restaurant (part of a chain) featuring chicken prepared in more ways than you can imagine. Then he went with us to Speakers’ Corner. A cold day but at least it was not raining as it has been for the last three days.

My friend Steve, an Anglican pastor, also came to the Corner. Then he and Elias went with the rest of us to a restaurant for food, debriefing and general conversation.

After a while Mr. N. joined us at the restaurant. He is an atheist who comes to the Corner every Sunday to argue (on the ground, not on a ladder) against all theists. Whether his objections to Christianity come from sincere philosophical reservations or from a stubborn heart, we of course do not know. But we do count him a friend. Join us in praying for his salvation through faith in Christ.

Walking down famous Oxford Street at night, we saw some Christmas lights. This display features an image of Jim Carrey from the movie “A Christmas Carol.”

One evening we attended a lecture by Dr. Sam Solomon, once a Muslim scholar, now a Christian, on what Muslims really believe about Muhammad. It was eye-opening. Dr. Solomon has memorized the entire Quran in Arabic, as have many Muslims.

Another evening we attended a planning meeting where the team is preparing for several future debates between Muslims and Christians.

We had dinner with Pastor Obert Nkala and his wife, who are Brethren in Christ people from Zimbabwe.They have lived in London 11 years. Four years ago he started a Brethren in Christ Church in Beckton, East London. He invited us to visit his church in the future when we can.

We spent time with Paul and Claire, part of our London team. They drove us through Epping Forest, a beautiful area, with some yellow, brown and gold leaves remaining on the trees and a lovely carpet of leaves on the forest floor. In the country we had lunch at a restaurant with a New Orleans theme and posters and American music, but the name of the restaurant was, inexplicably,….

You never know what you will see in London.

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