Madrid – 1

On November 19 we flew to Madrid, where our friends Bruce and Merly met us, along with Josiah, who is a student from US.

We went immediately to a staff meeting of our Madrid team.

Friday, we met with the Bundys for a full day of working on 16 or more administrative and pastoral care items.

Saturday was my birthday. Three times during the day I worked on email work and sermon preparation. But all was not labor.

In the morning we went for a long walk around the Royal Palace and its gardens. The palace has 2,800 rooms. Interestingly enough, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia do not live here but at another location in Madrid.

Here are the front and rear views of the Royal Palace.

Next we found a typical Spanish cafeteria and restaurant, where we ate late breakfast. I had a tortilla, which is not a flat bread as we know it in US, but a fluffy egg and potato omelet. Delicious!

The basement had character – sort of a catacombs feel.

For Spaniards the noon meal is the big meal of the day, and they eat it at 2:00 or later. So we went with the Bundy family to Xanadu, a huge mall, where we ate at 4:00 at Foster’s Hollywood restaurant, which serves American style food.

The mall had many Christmas decorations.

It also claims to have the largest indoor ski slope in the world.

Who knew?

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