In Jordan

From November 28 to December 3 we are spending a week in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Visiting friends, meeting new people, and learning about the culture and religion, which is Islam.

Amman is a thoroughly modern city, with shopping malls similar to USA. Common USA restaurants are McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Fuddrucker’s and, recently opened, Chili’s.

Amman’s population – 1.3 million; Jordan’s population – 6 million. Languages: Arabic and English. Currency: Jordanian dinar (dee-NARR). One dinar equals $1.3 American dollars.

Weather: sunny days and chilly nights.

Homes, apartments and other buildings are made of light tan Jordanian stone.

Because there is so little wood in the homes, a house fire is usually not a major problem.

The apartments have spacious rooms. Usually the first room you enter is a large salon for entertaining guests.

We had lunch at Hashim’s restaurant downtown. Typical Jordanian food – hummus and other bean pastes, pita bread, sliced tomaotes, sliced cucumbers and sprigs of mint.

Oh, yes – and hot peppers, to which I said, “No, thanks.”

Here are a few scenes around the city.

No, you can’t drive off in this vintage vehicle. It is an in-place attraction for children…and adults.

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