Israel – Part 3

On Sunday, December 6, we went to the service at the Jerusalem Baptist Church on Narkis Street.

Senior Pastor Al Nacciarone was formerly on the staff of the Church of the Savior in Wayne, PA.

After the service Hank dropped me and JoLene off near the Jaffa Gate. From there we walked through the Christian Quarter. There are three other sections in the Old City – the Jewish, Muslim and Armenian Quarters.

After wandering in a circle- easy to do in the Old City – we came to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the traditional site of Jesus’ burial. The other site, the Garden Tomb, is located in the modern city.

What follows are photos of the courtyard and entrance to the Church, and a wall mosaic depicting the burial of Jesus.

Some parts of the interior – pilgrims kissing the stone slab where the body of Jesus may have been laid as it was being hastily prepared for burial; giant candlesticks; many hanging glass holders with candles inside – were not especially meaningful to me.

But there was at least one room (a chapel, perhaps, or the church proper) which was a quiet place for sitting and meditating. Here are the chapel’s dome and a huge hanging lamp or decoration of some sort. Because of the dim light these photos are not ideal quality.

We ended our walk with hot drinks and baklava at Samara Cafe, an older, traditional cafe just inside Jaffa Gate.

Back outside the Old City, here is part of the wall, dating from Crusader times.

And here is the courtyard of another restaurant.

More to come in a future blog.

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