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Snow and Snowdrops
March 22, 2010

With warm weather having arrived, our big snows are just a memory. Here is the work of some creative people. Can you imagine what label they gave to the photo?

“Two feet of snow.”

The earliest flower to bloom in our area is the snowdrop. Sometimes it blooms under the snow.

In our back yard we have only one small clump. A small clump is pretty in its own right.

But nearby neighbors have a yard full of them – probably 10,000 blooms.

Snowdrops are a beautiful promise that other flowers will soon be coming.

In the Heart of Texas
March 19, 2010

In January we spent a few days in Texas visiting JoLene’s sister and husband, Joyce and Glenn Ginder, who live part of the year in Smithville, which is east of Austin. We saw a variety of sights.