Easter in London 2010

We arrived in London on Saturday, April 3, and were greeted by an unusual local situation – sunshine!

We found that spring is at about the same stage of arrival here as in PA.

Daffodils, primroses and flowering trees are all in bloom.

On Sunday, April 4, we worshiped at All Soul’s Church, with songs old and new, a small orchestra, a message that we found to be lively and animated for a British church, and communion.

After a training meeting we went with others to Speaker’s Corner
at Hyde Park. As you enter this section, the northwest section, of the Park, you see the famous Marble Arch.


With the Arch behind you, you walk toward the paved area where people stroll through or crowds gather in clusters to hear speakers hold forth on any subject. Perhaps ten or twelve speakers typically show up.

Perhaps I have mentioned in an earlier blog that one fellow comes regularly, not to make speeches but to offer what his sign says.

He is a decent chap, and by this time he and I are on a first-name basis. Again this Sunday I talked with him awhile and got a hug!

Jay and a friend got up on stepladders and spoke to the crowd about the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Two men from another religion stood right in front of Jay and his friend and ridiculed what our men were saying, but our men appealed to the crowd to give serious attention to the issues despite the distractions. Heckling, of course, is part of the “tradition” of Speakers’ Corner.

Please keep praying that all who hear the gospel at the Corner will give it serious thought to it and pursue the issues further, and that many will come to faith in Christ.


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  1. John and Jolene: Thanks for the update. Have you a copy of John Stott: The Birds Our Teachers? If you don’t, I’m sure it is available at All Souls.

    We have fond memories of Easter 1976 at Sprowston, Norwich East Anglia. On Easter Monday we went to Biddenden for the Biddenden Dole.

    • Thanks for mentioning Stott’s book on The Birds Our Teachers. Yes, I have a copy, given to me by Rich Stuebing, who had the privilege of accompanying Stott in birding in Zambia. So our various interests knit us together across continents.

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