Getting around London

So, after that digression about delayed air travel, I will continue my narration and travelogue.

I have mentioned before that we take an exercise walk to and through Roundwood Park, but I am not sure I ever showed you the hill that gives the Park its name.

Here in Harlesden we often eat at this restaurant, owned by a Greek couple. We feel like family here. The menu is varied and the prices very reasonable.

Last week we had lunch with Edgar and Jeanie Moyo at Carluccio’s restaurant in St. Christophers’ Place.

St Christopher’s Place is a small pedestrian square located just off Oxford Street. Carluccio’s is an Italian restaurant (no surprise there). The food was excellent but it was one of the noisiest eating places I ever visited.

When you go through the Underground stations, you see a lot of this.

Tudor style houses are common.

And I close this blog with a few random scenes near our hotel here in Harlesden.

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