Stranded in London

This is Friday, April 16, 4:00 PM, a mostly sunny day. We should be in the air on our way home, but no, we are sitting in our hotel room in London, waiting for word from our travel agency about a re-booking.

Following the eruption of a volcano in Iceland a cloud of volcanic ash is spreading over UK, Europe and Scandinavia. All flights in England have been canceled yesterday, today and through tomorrow morning – and maybe for longer.

Thousands of flights have been canceled across Europe. Such a situation is unprecedented in aviation history.

Our situation is so much better than that of many, who are stranded in the airports, with all local hotels filled to capacity. We are in the hotel in Harlesden, where we always stay, and they can keep us for as many nights as necessary.

We hope to fly home on Sunday, but nothing is certain.

In the meantime, we do office work and laundry and hope to go see Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre tomorrow. This is the 25th anniversary year for this show, which some say is the longest-running musical.

The volcano erupted under a glacier, the first it has erupted in 200 years.

Post script on Monday, April 19.
In case an explanation is needed, the photo above is from Iceland, not London. The volcanic ash cloud is floating at 18,000 or 20,000 feet and is not visible at all from the ground. Here in London we’ve had two beautiful days of full sun on Friday and Saturday; no ash cloud is visible from the ground.


3 Responses

  1. As soon as I heard the news of the Greenland eruption, I guessed that it may effect your travel – so I have been checking your blogs. I especially liked the conclusion of your previous one with the dandilion – my sentiments exactly (although no shared by your sister-in-law). Safe traveling on Monday(?).

    • Greenland, Iceland – they are not exactly the same you know. But thanks for caring.

  2. What an amazing picture! So powerful.

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