A Retreat

Our London team went on a four-day retreat to the town of Worthing, south of London, west of Brighton, on the English Channel.

We stayed at a large guest house owned by Arab World Ministries.

The guest house is only a block from the beach, which consists not of sand, but of rounded pebbles.

People own cookie-cutter sheds to store their beach gear.

At one spot on the beach there is a display of Waterwise Gardening, which for the sake of conservation requires no watering at all.

The concept is laudable, but I fear the appearance would not satisfy the average homeowner in Lancaster County where I live.

Our retreat included, as you might expect, times of worship and prayer, several working sessions, and a bit of time off.

Our main feature in leadership development was a study of our strengths in comparison to each other through an analysis called StrengthsFinder. The instrument, which we took in advance of the retreat, identified the five highest talents for each person. It was both instructive and fun to discuss the accuracy of our talents and the implications for effective teamwork.

We also discussed several key issues, one being the proposed church planting, and the relation of the planting to the research and academic work of the rest of the team.

The retreat was most helpful in team building, dealing with the larger issues, and fostering open relationships.

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  1. I would like a pebble and waterwise garden. I have mostly rocks in my dirt anyway, so I might as well go all the way. And those beach sheds, it looked a lot like campmeeting!

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