Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today we worshiped with Paul and his family at St.Mary’s Church of England in the section of London known as Walthamstow. Many people from Pakistan and Bangladesh live there.

A Norman church was on this site by the year 1108. Here are some views of the church.

After lunch at Paul and Claire’s home Paul and JoLene and I went on our way to Speaker’s Corner.

Some of the speakers are notable in the way they dress.

Here is one of our team members in conversation with a Muslim man.

Jay also had an extended “on the ground” with an intelligent and earnest man who was asking good questions, such as, “Why would God want to come into our world?” It was easy to tell the gospel in response to such an important question.

After about two hours at the Corner several of us went to La Porte des Indes (The Gate of India) for dinner and conversation about our experiences at the Corner. The restaurant is quite classy.

The food was top quality, although pricey. We will not go back anytime soon.

One Response

  1. Thanks for you very interesting account of your very interesting life! I think I’ll settle for a little bit of dull however. Your pictures are interesting.

    Hope you get home soon . . . but have fun while you are there.


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