Things Keep Changing

This is Monday morning, 7:45 AM in London.

Well. we did not fly home on Sunday.

We got re-booked for Monday, but all British Airways flights have now been canceled for today (Monday). We will have to wait until 1:30 PM London time to call our travel agent in US to see what the options are.

It is not likely that we will get home soon.

Today, as a cost saving measure, we will move in with our friends Jay and Judy.

To add to the adventure, at 4:45 AM today water started pouring into our hotel room from the room above. We personally had just vacated the room when the whole middle portion of the ceiling fell in. Most of our belongings were still in the room, so I had to pick my way over plaster and debris to collect our clothes and suitcases. Thank God we are unharmed.

Now, isn’t your life dull and ordinary compared to this?!

5 Responses

  1. Will keep on praying for you!

  2. If it wasn’t for family and friends back home in the USA, could you two live in London? It looks soooo interesting and would a lifetime be enough to explore all the intriguing spots? I love your pictures as they help take us along on your journey. Could the pink flower be a camelia? I have one but it doesn’t bloom until November and it sure looks similar. Although you may be anxious to get home, kick back and enjoy your extra days of vacation. I’d take your place if I could. (We’re praying for a safe return.)
    Love to you both,

    • Yes, we think we could happily live in London, except for what you indicated – the tug we feel for family and friends in “the Amrican colonies.” As for extra days of vacation, well, we are busy with computer work for missions and with attempts to get through to British Airways, so the vacation hasn’t materialized yet. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Oh, my! Maybe they would let you stay in the room for free now…

    • Bless you for this idea. Unfortunately, British businesses do not have the kind of compensate-the-customer mentality that you often see in USA.

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