Hope is rising

This is 8:00 AM on Wednesday, April 21.

The ash cloud has thinned out, and safety authorities have determined that aircraft can tolerate moderate levels of ash, so all UK airports are now open. However, air traffic is light at the moment; it will take time for normal flights to resume.

British Airways has resumed long-haul flights today.

For a period of time they will run flights around the clock. This announcement brings consternation to the residents near Heathrow because Heathrow normally closes from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM and the nearby residents can get a few hours of undisturbed sleep.

So far I cannot get a re-booking either by phone or on line. I will spend the day and trying and trying again.

Our travel agent in US says you will get a quicker response if you contact British Airways yourself there in London. And when I call BA here, I cannot get a real person, only a recording saying that if you booked your ticket through an agency, contact that agency! So if anyone says John is going in circles, you may as well believe him.

Renting a private jet seems out of the question – not at all in keeping with a simple lifestyle – so we will keep trying to work the regular system.

And safety authorities caution that if the volcano should resume major eruptions, all airports will be closed again. (It seems I hear loud groans on all sides.)


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  1. John & JoLene –
    Wow! You are having an adventure – all the way from Chicken Little’s “the sky is falling in” (your hotel) to “volcanic terrorism”! So sorry you will miss WI. Do you see them re-scheduling for either of the weekends you said you’d be with our SS class? If so, we’ll roll with it. One of Glenn’s colleagues stuck in Uganda after a conference has managed to get out through the Middle East. I guess Chris Sharp probably won’t make it to London to be with the team there. By the way, did you get to talk with Steve Bowman at the AWM house?

    • Verna,
      New Vision Church has a second speaker for this weekend, so I think it unlikely that they will reschedule my coming, so I believe I can keep my appointments with your class.
      Yes, Jay and I had a long conversation with Steve Bowman and learned many things. I will be glad to give you an update in person.

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