Sunday, April 18, 2010

The staff at our hotel invited us to join them for a special breakfast, which was most enjoyable.

The day was warm and sunny, so when we and our friends went to Speakers’ Corner, many people were in the park and at the Corner.

By the way, on the east side of Hyde Park, on Park Lane, is a memorial to the animals of various kinds that helped in Britain’s various wars. Here is part of the memorial.

And flower beds nearby. The primroses seem especially large in London.

At the Corner this man is frequently present. He seems to be spoofing society, politics, morality and religion. The crowd kept shifting, so I couldn’t get his entire sign in my photo.

“Don’t believe anyone, including me.”

A large crowd gathered to hear Jay debate the question, “Which book is the Word of God?” In an unusual move, four Muslim men in a row got up on a ladder to challenge Jay.

The debaters did not always wait their turn to speak.

As usual, Jay was able to give, among other comments, a clear word that the Bible is true, Jesus is the Son of God, and all who believe in and follow Jesus may have eternal life.

A family visiting from Iraq and a couple from Lebanon, all Christians, expressed strong appreciation and encouragement for the witness our team is giving at the Corner.

Just north of the northeast corner of Hyde Park is Edgware Road, a major street in central London. Strictly speaking, it is in the City of Westminster, but everyone just says “London.” Edgware has many Middle Eastern residents, visitors and restaurants.

This evening we went to a Lebanese restaurant to celebrate the birthday of one of the women in our group.

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