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Last Day in London
June 15, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010. Our last day in London.

Obert Nkala, a Brethren in Christ minister from Zimbabwe, has started a work in UK called International Brethren in Christ Ministries. He had invited us to attend his church service, so we did so today.

Things Long Ago
June 15, 2010

Before things long ago, this word about our stay at Jay and Judy’s house, They have a large flowering vine covering much of their garden fence.

I was not able to identify it, but the owners said: (more…)

St. Paul’s Cathedral
June 15, 2010

Each day of this extended stay in London I worked on missions work, keeping up with my emails, sending some slides and a text to New Vision Church (for whom I had to cancel my coming as a speaker for their missionary conference) and related duties.

I spent time with Paul, working on a 3-year plan for planting a church among a specific people group in London. I am pleased with the vision Paul has for this, with the learning that he is doing in this year of internship, and with the relationships he and his wife have built with families in the people group.

On available time off we continued to explore the glories of London, including time at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Gardens and A Palace
June 15, 2010

After much delay I am now able to return to our April visit to London and to fill in the rest of the story.

On a warm, sunny day we went to Kew Gardens, properly called the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Near the Gardens we had tea and croissants outdoors at a restaurant, which had lovely hanging baskets of flowers. Yes, there are beautiful things outside Kew.

On to Kew. I like their slogan: Plants, People, Possibilities.

A few words
June 6, 2010

A friend reminds me that I never reported whether we arrived home!

Yes, the return flight took place on schedule, on April 26. The plane was only two-thirds full, much to our surprise.

Since our return I have been exceptionally busy with missions work and my duties related to Roxbury Holiness Camp, and, as you have seen, I have made no new posts until now. Perhaps in the next week or so I can yet report on some of the experiences we had in our last week in London.