Day One in the Big Apple

On July 2 and 3 we were in NYC with our grandson Yohannes. We had told him that for his 13th birthday, which was in January, we would take him on an overnight trip, by car, to a place of his choosing. He decided on NYC to see the musical Wicked.

So we drove to Lyndhurst, NJ, (next to Newark) and checked in at a Quality Inn.The great thing about this motel, and two others near it, is that is located on a bus line that goes to the Port Authority in NYC, just a block from Times Square. So we left our car at the motel and took public transportation to the Big Apple.

On Day One the first thing we went to see was Ground Zero, the site of the previous World Trade Center. We actually saw very little because of the construction going on for the memorial site.

However, posters on many barrier walls show artists’ views of what the new site will be.

The memorial site will include five buildings, none of them as tall as the original World Trade Center Towers. One of the five is already built, as you see in this photo below.

Near the site is the 9/11 Memorial Preview, on Vesey Street, near Church Street. This is an indoor display about the new site, including a large model.

You would find this Memorial Preview worth visiting if you get to the City.

On the streets nearby you see interesting characters.

And learn surprising facts about our world.

Our next stop was Chinatown.

Yohannes was impressed with this large fan. I caught him in the middle of speaking, so I realize this photo is not very flattering of him.

So here is his natural expression.

We did a lot of walking in Chinatown but only saw one sit-down restaurant and that one did not appeal to us for some reason, so we kept on walking and ended up eating in Little Italy! NYC has everything.

Next, we went to the Empire State Building, the famous 102-story landmark Art Deco skyscraper, once the tallest building in the world, but not longer holding that honor.

Inside, the lobby features this large, shining mural.

JoLene, since she is not fond of heights, opted not to go to the lookout. She waited instead in a coffee shop, reading a magazine. Yohannes and I proceeded to the 86th floor lookout, having decided that we didn’t want to spend the extra money to get to the 102nd floor lookout.

We waited in long, slow lines to get to the lookout. But there were occasional diversions, as King Kong himself, who loved to pose for photos with fans.

At last the lookout.

We walked around looking in all directions. Here is the spectacular view looking south over Manhattan Island.

And then back to our motel, ending a satisfying Day One in the City.

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