Day Two in the Big Apple

On July 3 we went back into NYC, where we met with delays in the subway and conflicting advice from New Yorkers about the correct bus to take!

We headed for the American Museum of Natural History, walking around Columbus Circle.

The carriage rides looked like a good idea.

But we decided to go the cheaper way – by bus.

We arrived at the Museum, which is located on the west side of Central Park, facing the park. I thought Teddy Roosevelt might acknowledge our greeting, but he resolutely kept looking straight ahead.

The main lobby of the museum features a huge dinosaur skeleton and a smaller one. The light was too poor to get a good shot of the large one; here is the smaller one.

Upstairs, the dinosaur displays featured many more dinosaur skeletons, large and small.

Scientists say that the birds we see today are feathered dinosaurs. They describe birds as being descended from the first theropod and the first dinosaur.

We found the displays in the mammal section to be most impressive.

Think of the work in designing and setting up these displays!

Today we got our Chinese meal, dining at lunchtime at Pearls restaurant.

At last it was time to go to see the musical that Yohannes had chosen.

Wicked is a prequel to the story of the Wizard of Oz, set before and during Dorothy’s arrival from Kansas. It tells of Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West, and her relationship with Galinda, later Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.

The stage sets are impressive, and the music is good. Here is the stage front and screen, a poor shot in the dim light, but it gives you a bit of an idea of the decoration. The winged contraption at the top is a mechanical version of the flying monkeys that appear in the story.

Opposite the Gershwin Theater we saw this…

…and rejoiced that the gospel of Christ is being lived out in the Big Apple.

I thought Yohannes ought to see Times Square, so we walked through it on our way to the bus terminal.

And so ended our two days in NYC. It was a joy to share the experience with our teenage grandson.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful memory-making time with your grandson.

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