Days in Delaware

In early September we spent some sun-filled days in Lewes, DE, with our daughter Sheryl and Ed and their three children.

They had rented a house for the week. JoLene and I were able to stay or four days.

This is Zariah with Grandpa.

Lewes is just north of Rehoboth Beach and is known for the Lewes-Cape May Ferry, which crosses the Delaware Bay to Cape may, NJ.

Every day we swam and built sand castles, either at the Delaware Bay, a short 2-block walk from our house, or at the Atlantic Ocean. For the ocean we simply drove two miles to Henlopen State Park.

Yohannes dug a huge hole in the sand and begged us to bury him, so we obliged him.

Jeffrey wanted to be buried, too, but was a bit less venturesome.

At Henlopen State Park, as well as everywhere else, Ed and I were birding. Henlopen has a fall hawk watch at an elevated observation point. Unfortunately, the hawks were not migrating at the times we were there. We did see several ospreys and hundreds of tree swallows.

At the shore, lots of sanderlings, of course, running fast, searching for food right at the edge of the water.

And Ruddy turnstones, although their fall plumage is not as striking as this spring view.

And a few black skimmers, that feed by flying with their long lower mandible in the water, to scoop up small fish.

The above bird photos are from the web.

Everywhere, along the roadsides and at homes, we saw a white-flowering vine.

Here are the flowers up-close.

From an informed fellow at the hawk watch platform I learned the rest of the story. This is a perennial vine called Sweet autumn virginsbower, or just Sweet autumn, or Japanese clematis, or technically, Clematis terniflora. Imported from Japan and sold at nurseries, it is regarded as an invasive species because it spreads rapidly in our country and is hard to eradicate from fields and roadsides.

It appears to be the same vine I saw blooming in April in England in my friend’s back yard, but why it blooms in April there and September here is hard to say. Maybe it blooms in both seasons wherever it is. Maybe it blooms all summer.

One evening we ate dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf, just visible as the tall building beyond the boats.

Our dinner gave us free tickets for one-and-a-half hour sunset cruise on a medium-sized boat into the Delaware Bay.

Where did you go on your vacation?

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  1. David,
    You have endured much. While I blog about vacation, you live out a strenuous route to healing. My the grace of God fill your life and make you whole.
    With love, John

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