Presenting World Missions in KY

On September 24-27 we took a trip in a van with three others to southcentral Ky to speak in a missions conference at four Brethren in Christ Churches. About an 11-hour drive to that area.

Our team for the weekend consisted of Val Strite, Angelina S. and Mike Holland, in addition to JoLene and me. As we drove to Ky, the temperature was 94 degrees, and the air conditioner in the van was not working, so you can imagine how comfortable we were!

Our hosts were Pastor Richard and Joanna Lehman, who live in the country near the town of Columbia. Exceptional hospitality.

Beside their home is a pasture full of blue wildflowers. I’m not sure of the variety. It looks a lot like ageratum, but it is taller than the garden ageratum, and I’ve never known ageratum to grow wild. Can any of my readers help me with identification?

On Saturday, Richard took us on a tour of the area. We learned there are five Brethren in Christ (BIC) Churches here: Millerfield, Beulah Chapel, Knifley, Bloomington and the Worship Center at Campbellsville. The Worship Center had homecoming this weekend and could not participate in the missions conference.

We stopped to see the Spout Springs church building, one of the first BIC churches in Ky, no longer in operation.

Wouldn’t it be great if it could be preserved? Unfortunately, it is no longer owned by BIC people.

Near the church, just beside the road, is Spout Spring, so I had to get a drink from it.

We also stopped by Lindsey Wilson College, a liberal arts college of the KY Conference of the United Methodist Church. It is in the town of Columbia. In addition to their conventional chapel they have this smaller, modern structure.

Unusual, to say the least. The commentary is that the school wanted the architecture of the structure to identify with the surrounding community, and since there are may farms and silos, the architect made a silo chapel! Now you know.

On Saturday evening we had a buffet meal with the local BIC pastors and church leaders. Then two of our team spoke in the evening service, which was a joint service for all the churches, held at the Bloomington Church.

On Sunday morning four of us spoke in four different churches. JoLene and I went to Beulah Chapel outside Columbia.

This brought back many memories because in the summer of 1966 or 1967 I was interim pastor here for three months. A few of those people are still part of the congregatin. It was a pleasure to see them again.

On Sunday evening there was another joint service for all churches, this time held in the Fellowship Center of the Millerfield Church, where Richard Lehman is pastor.

Throughout the weekend we were pleased to learn of the ways these churches are already involved in world missions, and grateful for the interest they showed in the updates and challenges we presented.

I like to keep alert to a possible home for my retirement years. What do you think of this one?

JoLene says we should keep looking.

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  1. A fixer upper, for sure!

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