Birding in Quetzaltenango

I am returning to the birding I did with my new friend Clive on the mountain southwest of the city of Xela, or Quetzaltenango.

We saw 34 species. About 18 of them were birds you can see in USA also. Some live here in Guatemala year-round, like vultures, pigeons and mourning doves. Others only winter here, like the Eastern bluebird and the warblers.

Here are a few of the special birds we saw. I do not attempt bird photography, so all these photos are from the internet.

Rufous-collared robin.

Green violet ear hummingbird.

Townsend’s warbler.

And the strikingly beautiful Pink-headed warbler, which is found only in Chiapas, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Come to Guatemala for great birding!


2 Responses

  1. Hi. My wife and I will spend a night in Laguna Lodge on Feb. 24 and would like to go to Quetzaltenango to bird and visit the hot pools. Can you provide us with the birding guide who helped you to bird there?

    Thank you,
    Robert Brown

    • I will contact my friend and give him your contact info. Thanks for your interest.

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