Guatemala – November 12, 2010

German is Julio’s brother. German and his wife Karla live next door to Julio and Melanie and are part of InnerChange (CambioInterno) ministry as are Julio and Mel.

German and Karla want to practice English so I spent an hour with them this morning, walking to the center of town and talking about what we were seeing. It was great fun. Likely we will practice again next week.

In the afternoon Clive and I went birding again on the same mountain as the previous day.

Here is a view of the mountain from down in the city.

And here is a view of a road we followed, although much of the time we followed a simple path.

As you might imagine, we were hoping to see some new species. We did not, but the 19 species we saw were well worth the effort.

I mentioned that yesterday Clive saw one species that was a new one for his life list. That was the Olive warbler. It has an orange head and a narrow black mask. I wanted to include a photo of it here, but on the internet all the images I found were copyrighted. So if you want to see an Olive warbler, just Google!

Another word about Clive. He is originally from England and Georgia but has retired to live here in Xela, doing special assignments for Habitat for Humanity and supporting organizations that help needy children in Guatemala.

He also leads tourists on birding expeditions in Guatemala or other Central American countries. Coming here to bird is relatively inexpensive. So if you know anyone who is interested in such a venture, you may give such a person his contact information.
Clive Rainey
Anyone who contacts Clive should feel free to mention my name if the person wishes.

Clive is experienced in birding, well read in many fields, a pleasant conversationalist, and a committed Christian. I know you would enjoy getting to know him.


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