Guatemala – November 13, 2010

This is Saturday, November 13.

In the morning JoLene and I walked with Melanie about a mile to a restaurant to meet one of Melanie’s friends for conversation. We walked through a large market area called La Democracia. Here are some scenes.

Many troubled children and youth hang out in this area, so the InnerChange staff are considering coming here regularly to connect with them.

And here are other city scenes we saw as we walked.

Here is the city theater.

And the Catholic Cathedral at the main square.

Maintaining the cathedral is costly so some repairs are waiting to be done, such as replacing portions of statues.

We returned home to get Julio and the girls, and we all ate late lunch at Pollo Campero, Country Chicken, a fast restaurant started in Guatemala by Guatemalans. Delicious food.

As we walked through the main square, we saw preparations for a parade (tomorrow is a half-marathon race) so of course we had to wait around until the parade started.

It had three bands, costumed characters and much more.

It was pure delight to be with the two little girls for this experience. I suppose Grandpa had as much fun as the girls did.

And in November no parade would be complete without this fellow.

Then I left the ladies and went to a tiny, cement soccer area where the InnerChange team of street boys was finishing a game in which they did their best but were outplayed by an older team.

So ends another day in Xela.

2 Responses

  1. It’s so good to see pictures of Melanie and the girls. I hope things are going well.

    • Yes, everything is going great. We rest well, eat local food as well as some typical fast food, and walk a lot to the square and market and the boys’ soccer games. John is happily practicing Spanish. JoLene is doing some cooking and baking.

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