Guatemala – Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today is a Medio Maraton, a Half Marathon. Excitement is high for the InnerChange staff because two of the boys they work with are running in the race.

We went to Central Park, the small park of which we speak so often, to see the first hour of runners.

Nothing subtle about the race’s sponsors.

The men’s winner was a fellow from Kenya with a running time of 1 hour and 3 minutes. Our young friends Juan and Chepe finished the race, too, and we were all proud of them.

We went to Bonifaz hotel, located facing Central Park, for a buffet brunch. Excellent variety and quality of food, and attractive display.

The wall art includes, on the right, the quetzal, a stunning bird of the tropical areas, not these mountain areas. Quetzal is also the name of the Guatemalan currency.

After the meal, a few photos in the park.

In the afternoon Julio and I went to another of the boys’ soccer games. Here is the cement playing court, of which I spoke in an earlier blog.

Julio and his brothers played on this same court when they were young. And here are a few members of our team.

Later, in the park again, I had Hector shine my shoes – like they had never been shined before! Here is serving the customer ahead of me.

In the evening Julio’s family had a birthday celebration for his youngest sister. She and her husband are committed Christians and active in the charismatic sector of the Catholic Church. The general noise of the birthday party, the talkativeness and laughing of the adults, and the constant activity of the young children reminded me of the Hawbaker family, so I felt right at home.

While church attendance is normally a part of our Sunday, today was different.

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