Guatemala – Monday, November 22, 2010

Our last full day in Guatemala. Tomorrow we fly home.

This morning we did laundry, as of course, we do often in this family. When the lines are full, we lay things out on plastic chairs to dry.

I have mentioned the cathedral several times. Today I noticed the window with a dove. Remember, this is the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

Here is one more bus. “Jesucristo vive.” Jesus Christ lives.

This morning Melanie and family drove us up Baul, a tall mountain east of the city. En route we looked down and saw the way the farmers farm the steepest of slopes, by hand, of course. Tell my brother Cliff to try farming this way!

At the top of Baul is a cross and a panoramic view of the city that my photos cannot convey adequately.

In town today I saw this tourist logo for Guatemala. In a few strokes it captures three of the outstanding features of this nation: the seashore, with its tropical forests; the mountains and volcanoes; and the Mayan ruins. The words under the logo say: Heart of the Mayan world.

Thanks for traveling with us.

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