Goodbye, London Snow

Chris Sharp and I kept busy every day and evening through Sunday, December 19, with appointments and team meetings. We felt we accomplished a lot in clarifying issues and planning for the future.

Many thanks to all our friends who prayed for us during this time.

On Saturday, December 18, London had a beautiful snow, and uncharacteristically, the temperature stayed cold, so the snow stayed. This made havoc at the airports, which were shut down partially or totally for Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, Heathrow allowed several flights to proceed, and our flight was one of those, so soon after noon (three hours later than scheduled) we were in the air. We learned later that the window of allowing flights lasted only about six hours, maybe seven, and then closed again, so we were incredibly blessed to be on our way home.

The poignant human drama was this: as we entered Heathrow Terminal 4, hundreds of stranded passengers were lying on the floor, finishing their night’s “sleep” and waiting for word on their flights. The airport authority decided to honor the existing passenger lists for Monday morning’s flights, so we threaded our way through the waiting passengers, some of whom had been there for two nights if they didn’t have enough money to go to a hotel, went to the ticket desk and were processed without a hitch. Life is not fair….

London is to get snow again on Wednesday and Thursday, so who knows when the stranded passengers will get to their destinations?

But as for me, by 7:30 Monday evening I was home, safe and sound.

I hope to get some time to post some photos of the London experience, but for now I have stacks of work to tackle.

By the way, today, Wednesday, December 22, JoLene and I celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. You can see how important it was for me to get home!

4 Responses

  1. Yes, I remember that you and Jolene celebrate same number of years just two days ahead of Joe and me! Enjoy both your anniversary – a milestone these days – as well as the Christmas season.


    • What you remember I had forgotten. Thanks for posting this comment and for your greetings and good wishes.

  2. Congratulations on your 45th Anniversary!!! We celebrated 25 years in June – that month you had a wedding just about every week. So happy you were able to get home in time to celebrate with JoLene. Have a blessed Christmas!

    Lois & Bob

    • Thanks, Lois and Bob, for the memory of 25 years ago and for your Christmas wishes.
      On Christmas Eve we and Sheryl and her family took dinner to my mother’s house at Chambrsburg. She is age 90 and still lives in her own home. We had a wonderful time.

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