Photos from London

Here are some photos to illustrate my trip to London on December 13-20, 2010.

If you read my previous blog comments, you know that while I was in London, the city had snow, actually two snows, with a total of 3 inches or so. Here is the Underground, at the Harlesden station, which as you see, is actually above ground, not under it.

As we walked to a worker’s home for a meeting, we walked through this park.

During Saturday’s meeting at the home of our workers, Jay and Judy, the snow fell steadily, as seen in their back yard.

In London!

Since the weather stayed cold, the snow stayed. Weather analysts say that this may be the coldest December in England in a century.

On Sunday we went to church with Jay and Judy and experienced their Christmas program. Children and adults presented the story of Jesus’ birth.

When I showed an interest in the preparation the children were making for the program, the director gave me what all the program participants wore – a halo!

Jay’s son was ill and couldn’t play the trumpet. so father filled in for son.

Later, in downtown London three of us noticed that The Langham, a classy hotel near the BBC building, was decorated for Christmas.

Sensing a possible adventure, I said to the others, “Let’s go see what it’s like inside,” so we did. The director of food service, who happened to be in the lobby, welcomed us warmly and gave us a grand tour, answering all the questions we put to him. He is from Germany.

The Langham has 378 rooms, ranging in price from $450 to $5,000 pr night. The Infinity Suite is the finest, with two bedrooms, elaborate comforts, personal butler service and its own spa. I forget the exact price, but it was something like $19,000 per night. Not surprisingly, we were not offered a tour of The Infinity. Sigh.

Here are a few of the things we did see.

I am sure the director of food services discerned that we are not the kind who are likely to actually spend a night in his elegant establishment, but he showed us every courtesy as if we were valued clients. I told him that he gives a good face to The Langham.

On Sunday afternoon, after a meeting with some friends to learn from a gifted speaker about numerous long-standing Christian Christmas traditions, we went to Speakers’ Corner to talk to any interested person about Jesus and the reason for his coming into our world. Here Jay and another Christian are on small ladders, talking to the crowd, which happened to be mostly Muslims.

At night a street near Edgware Road was lined with brilliant stars.

While London is lovely at Christmas, I was relieved to be able to fly home (which is described on a previous blog) to be with JoLene and our family for the holidays.

May our gracious God and Jesus Christ his Son give you true life today and always.

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