Goodby, Florida

We are not the only people from Manor Church who go south for some sunshine. Walt and Ann Schlemmer have a love condo unit on Treasure Island. They took us out to dinner at Leverocks, a really good seafood place. And they arranged that Hen and Marsha Barley, Jim and Francine Kauffman and Glenn and Joyce Rohrer joined us at the restaurant. What a party we had!

On Saturday, February 5, we drove to Orlando to visit Matt and Kori Blowers and their children. Matt is pastor of The Harbour Brethren in Christ Church, which is in creative partnership with Vista Community Church. For my missions work I wanted to talk with Matt about the missions awareness and involvement of his church. And, personally, we were glad to be with them since Matt is my nephew.

Today, February 6, we went with them to church. On the way, we stopped by the Florida campus of Asbury Theological Seminary, where Matt is a student.

The campus consists of this one building you see above. I was a student at Asbury’s main campus in Wilmore, KY, from 1965-1968 and was graduated in 1968.

Then Matt and his family took us out to eat at Bubbalou’s Bodacious Bar-B-Que. What a name! The brisket is delicious or bodacious or some other creative adjective.

So ends our working vacation. Every day I did some office work on my laptop. Every day we did something fun.

So Florida, goodby for now. Hope to see you again.


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