At the Center of Madrid

So here is my photo report to follow up my comments in my previous blog about the demonstrations here in Madrid at Sol, the heart of the city. The news reports that similar “Sol camps” have been set up around the nation.

First of all, here is Hotel Asturias where we are staying. A two-star hotel, so it is not quite as nice as the average Comfort Inn at home, but the cost is less than $100 a night and includes a free breakfast. We are well pleased.

As I mentioned before, this is located one long block from Sol, so we are very close to the heart of things. It is a privilege to at this place at this time.

The demonstrations are part of what is being called the Real Democracy Now platform. Under makeshift shelters people meet to strategize, and lawyers are available to advise people on their needs. Local and regional elections will be held tomorrow, Sunday, May 22.

My daytime photos show fairly small groups, but at night the crowd grows. On Wednesday night the crowd was reported as ten thousand. We heard the waves of cheering and roaring from our hotel room.

The people post handmade signs and banners everywhere. The first photo below shows the glass structure that is the entrance to the Metro.

Here some folks are folding up their tents after having spent the night on the stone plaza.

Note this banner.

For my blog readers who are not familiar with Spanish, it says: The revolution will be feminist or it will not be.

Even people pushing baby strollers are part of the protest. This couple’s sign says: We are not against the system; the system is against us.

As you see above, some voices are calling for violence (there is, in fact, an Anarchy party or movement in Spain), but most people are looking for peaceful solutions.

The above banner says: Learn to resist the violence that is in you and around you.

Some of the signs are in English. Last night one man’s sign said. Another world is possible. I told him I agree, but in the press of the crowd I didn’t have time to describe the new world that God is planning according to the Bible.

Another sign said: Gandhi is watching.

In front of a ham store was this caution.

At all times, not just these days, you see all kinds of street performers in Madrid. On one street, just a short distance from Sol, we found the double depiction of Jesus.

I found this to be a powerful statement about Jesus as both Good Shepherd and Suffering Savior, the very answer to mankind’s need in these troubled and yet hope-filled times.

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  1. John, Thank-you for posting the pictures! Helps me ‘see’ what’s going on and pray with more passion/direction. May God continue to richly bless your labors. In Christ, Tom

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