God is writing a story

Thursday, June 23

En route from PA to Guatemala I read Walking His Trail by Steve Saint and his wife Ginny.

In this book they trace some of the unusual directions their life together has taken as they have sought to follow God. They show that even when the path has been rough and painful, signs of God’s grace and compassion have always appeared as markings along the trail.

Steve observes:
“God does not promise that all of life’s chapters will be easy. He does promise, however, that in the last chapter He will finally make sense of all the others.”
Page 160

As our family lives with the painful loss of baby Mayela, this statement helps us to have perspective and hope.

2 Responses

  1. Theresa and I are standing with you and your family in prayer.

    • Tom,
      Thanks so much. The spiritual connection of the body of Christ around the world is a beautiful thing.

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