Hot Springs

As my regular readers know, my blogs do not always follow chronological order. So now I go back to Saturday, June 25.

We drove a 40-minute drive to a hot springs near the town of Zunil. We had stunning scenic views.

The area has incredible foliage, none more striking than “the poor man’s umbrella.”

We also saw angel trumpet, which, I was told, is highly poisonous.

The springs are called Las Fuentes Georginas, the Georgian Fountains. The water comes out of the base of a cliff and fills three man-made pools. The first pool is so hot that few people venture into it.

Along this pool is a restaurant, where we ate our lunch.

Here are the other pools and the bath house.

Julio took his daughters into the smallest pool. JoLene and Melanie sat and watched. Our friend Clive Rainey, who was with us on this excursion, took me on a birding hike down a steep path to a beautiful scene in the gorge below.

I saw eight new species of birds to add to my life list:
bronzed cowbird
tufted flycatcher
yellow-eyed junco (this fellow sang non-stop)
black-capped swallow (as we stood on a ridge these flew by us at eye level and below eye level)
brown-backed solitaire
grey-breasted wood wren
common bush tanager
and the cinnamon-bellied flowerpiercer (love that name!)

The beauty of nature – the wonders of our Creator.

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