Here and There in Xela

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala

Here are a few scenes about town from the past week.

The entrance to Melanie and Julio’s apartment is the second door on the left. Their apartment is on the second floor. From the street you can’t even tell that there is a second floor.

I love seeing the markets.

This pergola is a landmark in Central Park.

On Sunday morning when JoLene and I were taking a brisk walk around the park, we saw several people creating a religious art piece on the street. It is called an alfombra, literally, a carpet. This one included the words “The Body of Christ.”

The design is made of colored sand, or maybe sawdust. We couldn’t stay to see the finished work. When we drove by just after noon, the design had been removed.

Here are three scenes at Emanual Presbyterian Church, where Melanie and Julio attend.

Today is JoLene’s birthday, so for a late lunch we ate at Tertuliano’s, an Italian restaurant. It was once an embassy, then a Catholic seminary, and now a restaurant and museum.

Here is the formal courtyard. Note the Christian symbols of the dove and the cross.

And here is our group, minus me, the photographer.

And one last photo of Melanie’s family.

This ends our stay in Guatemala. We leave tomorrow. Thanks for journeying with us.


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