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Opening Our Lives to God
October 19, 2011

Stephen Langton was born about 1150 and died in 1228. He was Archbishop of Canterbury and is credited with having divided the Bible into the modern arrangement of books and chapters still in use today.

Here is a prayer he wrote:

Come Holy Spirit,
send forth from on high
the radiance of Thy light.
Come, Thou Father of the poor,
come, dispenser of all good gifts,
come, Thou light of our hearts.
Supreme comforter,
beloved guest of our souls,
sweet coolness.
In labor, rest,
in heat, refreshment,
in tears, solace.
O most blessed light,
fill the inmost places
of the hearts of all They faithful.
Without Thy power,
there is nothing in man,
nothing is harmless.
Wash what is soiled,
water what is arid,
heal what is wounded.
Bend what is rigid,
warm what is cold,
rule what is wandering.
Give to Thy faithful,
hoping in Thee,
the holy seven-fold gift.
Give the reward of virtue,
give forth salvation,
give perennial joy.
Amen. Alluluja.

I commend this prayer to you as a way of opening yourself to all that God is and all he offers to do in us in this life and in the world to come.