Skills for Getting Along with Others

These days, October 30 through November 4, I am attending a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop at Roxbury Holiness Camp at Roxbury, PA, near Chambersburg.

We stay at and meet in the commodious Byers Conference Center.

There is still some striking fall leaf color here.

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) is a service of International Training Partners, Inc. The workshop was created by Kenneth Williams of Colorado Springs and is offered at locations around the world. Brethren in Christ World Missions sends all our prospective global workers to SYIS.

The workbook we follow describes what this is all about: “Love is the goal of this workshop, that we will love God and one another more. Without love nothing else matters.”

The approach is interactive learning. Three facilitators walk us through Scripture studies, talking together in pairs or small groups, and role playing the things we are learning about.

Here are the three facilitators.

From left to right: Val, Patti and Paul. Paul is a member of our team in London.

Fifteen participants are attending, ten from the Brethren in Christ Church (missionaries, pastors and lay people) and five from other missions agencies.

Session themes include:
Loving Listening
Helping Others Solve Problems
Confronting Well
Receiving Confrontation Well
Building Trust
and Managing Stress.

We post our brainstorming and learnings around the room.

The entire experience is most worthwhile. Through it I am becoming better prepared to work with others and to carry out effective ministry.

You may go on line to learn more about SYIS. You may want to sign up to take the workshop yourself!

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  1. Both the colors of the leaves and the brainstorming sessions are beautiful gifts of God! Thank-you for sharing the good report of the growth in understanding and embodying God’s love as the people of God engaged in Kingdom work. To God be the glory!

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