My London Experiences

For our family, friends and prayer partners, here is an update about our comings and goings in London so far. I have many photos I would like to post, but it takes considerable time to edit and process them, so I have to content myself with a narration at this time, and post photos later if I can find the time to do so.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

We attended worship service at All Souls Church near Oxford Circus (as in Circle, not a circus with elephants and clowns.) Everything about the service was high quality and spiritually enriching.

We attended Hyde Park Christian Fellowship to hear Bill Nikides speak on missions, contextualization and what is known as the insider movement.

We went to Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park to talk with anyone who wished, about the Bible and Jesus Christ. Jay was on a small stepladder speaking briefly. It gets dark early, and it was cold and windy, so we we didn’t stay a long time.

We went to an Italian restaurant – ten of us – for further discussion with Bill Nikides about Christian missions.

Monday, December 12

I had long conversations with two of our workers as we reviewed current situations, needs and opportunities.

We also had some time off, so Jay drove is to Windsor Castle, the personal residence of Queen Elizabeth. Unfortunately,by 2:30, the time we arrived at the castle, it was closed because the staff were being given their Christmas gifts and given the rest of the day off. Great for the staff! A deep regret for us tourists.
Okay, I can’t resist. Two photos – outside views, of course….

Tuesday, December 13

The usual emails and other review and planning.

But we also had much of the day off for personal pursuits, so we went first to Harrod’s, the famous, huge, upscale department store, to see the Christmas decorations and have “high tea,” consisting of small sandwiches, scones and rose petal jam (exceptional! I wanted to buy some to take home, but it was not available), and tiny fancy desserts, and of course, tea! Proper high tea would be served about 4:00 PM, but we had ours as our lunch.

Shopping at the Buckingham Palace Store, which is located near the Palace, not in it.

To the Methodist Central Hall in the Borough of Westminster, just across the square from Westminster Abbey, for rest and tea. With all this tea, you see we becoming quite British.

To Westminster Abbey at 5:00 for Evensong, a service of Scriptures, prayers and a hymn.

To the area outside Victoria Station for supper at pub called The Shakespeare. Unfortunately for this English major, there was nothing particularly Shakespearean about the decor or patrons or food.

Wednesday, December, 14

This was a day spent with our team at the new location for our team – formerly a church building – which we share with another Christian organization. JoLene and I walked there, which took about half an hour.

We spent the entire day in meetings with individuals and with the staff as a group. A very productive day. Many big issues to discuss.

Back at Paul’s house, I spent all evening writing reports and sending emails, and now this blog post.

* * * *

Many thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


2 Responses

  1. Hey John and JoLene – I’ve been readying through your London and Israel postings, was reading backwards obviously! Oh, one of my best memories of London was Evensong at Westminister Abby. The Abbey’s note on the program that talked about how they have celebrated Evensong faithfully since – I think it was 1054 gave me such an incredible sense of “the communion of saints” down through the centuries. So i’m with you vicariously, friends!!

    • Brian,
      Thanks so much for your two comments. Evensong has a special place in our hearts, in part because of what you mentioned – the communion of saints in all places and all time.
      Thanks for “joining” us in our travels.

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