Still More abut London

Friday, December 16, 2011

Along with the usual reports and emails we were able to spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

A view of the courtyard.

An immense Chandelier by Dale Chihuly – hanging in the main rotunda. It has about 3,000 components.

An astounding Christmas tree made of 3.3 miles of elastic cord, with the cords tied into precise geometric designs at regular intervals along the lines.

Women grieving the death of Christ.

The Burghley Nef (ship), made of a nautilus shell (the light-colored hull of the ship) and fine metalwork. Made in 1527. About 14 inches tall. It is actually a salt cellar. A small basin at the back of the deck is where the salt would have been placed.

And we saw many other wonders at the museum. By the way, all museums in London are free.

After that, dinner at an Italian restaurant, just off Oxford Street, a street with more Christmas lights than anywhere else in London, from what I have seen.

Evening, we attended All Souls Choir Christmas Concert, with organ, orchestra, and flute and harp duets by two guests. Beautiful in ever way. We had to leave at the intermission because of our plans to meet with…

Mrs. Fadzai Moyo and her son Tha.
Her husband Elias is in Zimbabwe for talks relating to Ekuphileni Bible Institute.
We talked about many things about the six churches in UK and North Ameria.

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be a day for packing suitcases and making our way to Heathrow airport on the busiest air travel weekend of the year (they expect three-quarters of a million people will go through Heathrow from Thursday through Sunday), and flying to Israel.

See you later.


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