In Search of Beavers

Monday, May 28, 20112

We spent all morning with the Millers, continuing our discussions of world missions, the local church, theology, and current developments in the Brethren in Christ. I think you would have enjoyed our conversation!

Also, Dave took me on a hike into a preserved area in his town of Blainville, an area of ditches, ponds and young-growth trees.

We saw robins, yellow warblers, red-winged blackbirds and a song sparrow.  And everywhere, horsetail plant (Equisetum arvense.)

But we were in search of beavers, who live here and whom Dave has seen before. We saw the work of a beaver – old work, not new chewing.

And a beaver dam.

The dam is not exactly obvious at a glance, but it is the row of sticks immediately to the right of the water, stretching from the foreground to the edge of the woods.

We also saw this beaver lodge.

Again, you have to look for it. It fills the top center of the photo. Not the classic scene I had imagined – an obvious lodge in the middle of a large pond, so obvious that no one could miss it. This one was imbedded in the woods you had to look carefully to see it.

But, sad to say, we did not see any beaver. They are more active in the fall, Dave reported.

On the way back to the Millers’ home we stopped to see their son Andrew at work at Lenoir-Lacroix, a coffee business owned by Christian and Stefan Lacroix. It is grown in a way that is sensitive to the environment and is certified fairly-traded.

Andrew at work at the coffee roaster.

And so we said farewell to the Millers.




2 Responses

  1. Thanks for your very interesting photos and comments on your vacation time in Quebec. We always appreciate hearing from you.

    • Thanks for taking time to comment. We are so grateful for your interest and prayers.

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