On to Quebec City

Monday, May 28, 2012

This afternoon we drove from Montreal to Quebec City, a three and a half hour trip. We are here for a few days of vacation, which means that we check our emails twice a day to see what missions work and Roxbury Holiness Camp work may need attention now.

We had reservations to stay at Hotel Clarendon in the Old City, which is walled and preserved in style so that it looks much like any old European city.

This is our hotel.

It is only a few blocks from the grand and famous Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac hotel.

The Frontenac was built in 1893 in the medieval French style, with many turrets and copper roofs. It is an example of the 19th century Canadian Railway architecture. In planning this trip we considered staying at the Frontenac, but after learning that  the room prices soar to $459, we thought better.

The weather in Montreal was hot and mostly sunny. Here it is cloudy, windy and cold.

We walked around several streets (the entire Old City is easily reached by walking) and had dinner at the small but lovely and moderately-priced Le Cavour restaurant.

The food was quite good, except the vegetable soup. You could do as well by buying canned vegetable soup, watering it down, adding extra salt and overcooking it.  So when you come to La Cavour, I recommend that you skip the soup and enjoy the rest of the meal.


2 Responses

  1. In this city, in 1986, while driving our RV on cobblestone streets, we realized we should be able to drive on similar streets in Europe. We shipped the RV to Liverpool and our children enjoyed four delightful summers touring around.

    • You shipped your RV to Liverpool! What an adventurer you are. Thanks for checking my blog – and commenting.
      This is our first visit to Quebec, and we are delighted with our experiences. Why didn’t we come here before?

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