Fun at the Shore – August 2012

The day after Roxbury Holiness Camp Meeting ended we and our children and five grandchildren went to Lewes, Delaware, for a week of vacation.

Lewes is known as “the first town in the first state.” From Eight Flags Over Lewes, written by Dan Terrell, I learned that Lewes was settled by the Dutch, captured by the Swedes, recaptured by the Dutch, ceded to the English as part of New Netherlands, separated from New York and annexed to PA, all in the space of 50 years!

Back to our vacation, we stayed in the spacious home of friends of ours from Lancaster County. Most days we went to the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park, located where the Delaware Bay empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Yohannes really enjoys being buried in the sand. Here he is sitting cross-legged with his hands under his legs. When he was ready to break free, it was harder than he thought.

The men in our family went on a 4-hour fishing trip in the Delaware Bay.

As you see, I forgot to smile for this photo.

Perhaps you recognize a flounder. We also caught kingfish, croakers and sunfish.

And here is our family.

For those who don’t recognize everyone, on the top row, left to right, you see Julio, Melanie, me and JoLene.

Middle row: Yohannes, Sheryl, Ed and Jeffrey – all Bernots.

Bottom row: Zariah Bernot, Samaya and Genesis Avila.

We seldom get to spend a week with the whole family togeher in a vacation setting, so this week at the shore is one we will always remember.

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