Final words about Kansas

On Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24, I had two meetings with the area Brethren in Christ  pastors to hear their feedback and questions about our Brethren in Christ World Missions programs.

One of my best friends in KS is Stan Norman of Abilene.  He is the pastor of New Trail Fellowship, a church that appeals particularly to ranchers and other horse riders.

I asked Stan if he could take me on a trail ride, and he agreed to do so. He has two horses. He set me up on Fire (nickname for Sapphire.)


The ride went well for quite a while. Then we came to a small gully with low-hanging branches overhead. I ducked to avoid the sharp branches, so when Fire jumped the gully, I lost my balance and fell to the ground, landing on my back. Fortunately, I landed on soft grass.  Unfortunately, I also landed on a hedge apple (see my previous blog on Trees in KS) and had extreme pain in the lower right area of my back. There was no way I could mount the horse again, so Stan on foot led the two horses, and I hobbled along as best I could back to his house.

An examination at the hospital showed no bone fractures and no nerve damage – thanks be to God. But I will be sore for a long time. Getting in and out of a car is the most painful part.

By the next evening I felt up to going out for dinner, so we went to the Brookville Hotel, which used to be in the town of Brookville and has been relocated to the edge of Abilene. They serve a fried chicken dinner family-style.



They serve the meal on Blue Willow china.


Do plan to eat at the Brookville Hotel the next time you come near Abilene.

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