Churches and Pastors in Miami

More about our time in Miami from February 2-10, 2013

The Brethren in Christ (BIC) have 57 Hispanic churches throughout Florida, most of them in the greater Miami area. I will introduce a few of them to you.

I spoke at Esmirna (Smyrna, from the Book of Revelation) Church in Country Walk, a section southwest of downtown Miami. The pastor is Jose Rodriguez, originally from Cuba. One of the members of the church is Mercedes Velez, a woman who makes frequent ministry trips to Dominican Republic and has started 14 BIC churches there.

All told, the south FL BIC churches have started or adopted about 60 churches in various nations of Latin America.

I spoke on a Wednesday evening at Vida Abundante (Abundant Life) Church in Miami Gardens. The congregation is in the midst of a major renovation of their large building, which was formerly a business of some sort. Because of city ordinances, for the present, the meetings are held in the parking lot under a tent.


Here is the work in progress on the exterior, making a new entrance.


And here are the lead pastoral couple, Roberto and Mirta Colloca.


Every week this church gives away over 100 boxes of food to families in the community.

On February 10 I spoke at El Aposento (The upper Room) Church in Hollywood. It is a store front church that seats 40 people. Here is a view of the interior.


The pastoral couple are John and Vicky Gallo.


Three doors away from this church is another BIC store front church with a somewhat unusual name, The Holy City.


This church is seeing conversions regularly, so they hold a baptism at the beach every quarter, and everyone invites their friends who are not yet believers to witness the event. The pastoral couple are Juan and Stephany Gallo.


Juan is the son of John Gallo. Father John leads a Spanish-speaking church, and son Juan leads an English-speaking church. Oh the joys of language!

Monte Sion (Mount Zion) Church meets in Teatrico America, an unused “store front” theater in Little Havana.


On the left are the pastoral couple, Samuel and Aracelli Ramos. On the right are lay leaders, Milton and Monica Sousa. They are all Guatemalans, so we enjoyed our Guatemala connection in that our daughter and son-in-law, Melanie and Julio Avila, live and serve in Guatemala.


It is a privilege to give you this brief introduction to these pastors and lay leaders. They are beautiful people and are diligently serving Christ and making  a difference in their communities.


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