In and around Miami

Still more about our time in Miami from February 2-10, 2013.

Our hosts, Rafael and Maria Castro, took us to see the downtown area.



The waterfront area is known as Bayside.



We had a meal at Cien Montaditos – 100 Little Sandwiches. Each sandwich is tiny and costs only one or two dollars, and of course, there are 100 such sandwiches on the menu!


We spent some time at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. This was originally the winter home of James Deering, the vice president of International Harvester. It was built from 1914 to 1916 and is in the style of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque villas that Deering had visited in Europe.




At various places  around the city we saw this flowering tree.


I never learned a name for it. Do any of my readers know? If so, please post a reply to this blog.

Throughout FL we saw Spanish moss, often hanging on the tree known as live oak. To me the moss is one of the symbols of the South.


We made a trip to the Tamiami Kendall Airport west of Miami proper. Burrowing owls make their home there.


As their name suggests, these small owls live in a hole in the ground – an abandoned animal burrow. They are primarily nocturnal, but in daytime you can often see them standing near their burrow entrance. It is astounding to me that they live on the airport grounds, so close to the noise of airplanes and road traffic – one of the mysteries of bird behavior.

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