Thinking about a worship service

We are members of  Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church. Last recent Sunday two men, as part of the Call to Worship, listed The Top 10 Things We Like about Worship at Our Church.  Here they are:

No. 10 – It’s like the weather. If what’s happening right now is not your thing,
wait a minute, there will be something else soon.
No. 9 – Kim Dalton holding her husband accountable for what he says in the pulpit
– while he’s in the pulpit.
No. 8 – The obstructed view seats are half price.
No. 7 – We look at our worship leaders and teams as brothers and sisters not
No. 6 – We know that as a diverse congregation, we aren’t truly successful unless
we’re comfortable being uncomfortable.
No. 5 – We don’t have to worry that we’ll ever be too polished.
No. 4 – We come as worshippers not as critics.
No. 3 – You’re allowed in even if you’re wearing a Giants, Steelers, or Yankees
jersey and deserve to be stopped at the door.
No. 2 – You can lift your hands, or not lift your hands. You can say amen, or not
say amen. You can run around the sanctuary banging on a tambourine, or not
run around the sanctuary banging on a tambourine.
And the No. 1 thing we like about worship at HBIC –
The Holy Spirit is welcome to take over the service anytime He wants.
By Vu Musili & Andy Saylor
February 24, 2013


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