The Retreat in Mozambique

In an earlier blog I mentioned the retreat for global workers. It was a 3-hour drive to get to the retreat location. Some stretches of the road were well-maintained blacktop; other sections were rough stone and potholes.

The team from Zambia had an 18-hour drive to get to the retreat – ten hours one day and eight the next.

Back to our trip, at a small river men were selling prawns (shrimp), so Steve bought some for the retreat – the largest shrimp I have ever seen!


The retreat took place in central Mozambique, not far from the town of Gorongosa, at a fine camp called Gorongosa Adventures. It is operated by the van Zyl family. Here you see Piet and Ria and their son Saki (nickname for Isaac).





This is their house. On the last evening they had a barbecue for us.

We stayed in tents that were protected by reed shelters.



The front part of the shelter was a spacious sitting area. And here is our tent.



We held our group sessions in another shelter.







This is the entrance to our eating area. The interior is decorated as a typical dining room.



One evening we drove to an overlook above the Pungue River, taking soft drinks and snacks with us.





In the group sessions I led an interactive study of the Acts of the Apostles. The global missionaries shared insights and experiences about living in a different culture and the dynamics of sharing the gospel across cultural lines. We thank God that the good news about Jesus Christ is for all people everywhere.

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