A Rural Church in Mozambique

On Saturday, April 13, we left at 5:00 AM with the Newcomers and three ministers and drove three and a half hours to a church in a remote area. The last part of the trip was on a footpath path through corn fields. The church members had hand-cut the grass to make a space wide enough for our vehicle.


As we drove into the clearing where the church sits, the people sang joyous welcome songs.


Here is the church building.


The members had tidied up the whole area in anticipation of our coming.

This is the Guluja Brethren in Christ Church. They normally hold their service on Sunday, but today was a special day, with longer teaching and a meal. Members of the Makhambine Church joined them for this event. The people from Makhambine walked or bicycled ten miles to get here.


The choir gathered outside the building and sang and danced their way in and then sang and danced to worship songs as the congregation sang along.




Steve did teaching on the church in two morning sessions. Then we had dinner of chicken, goat, rice and stiff porridge made from white corn meal. Then there was an afternoon session.



Steve had brought a large quantity of Bibles to be distributed to all who needed one. The Bibles were available in one of three languages: Portuguese, Ndau and Shona. Here you see Youngson Palibendipo (on the left), a missionary from Malawi to Mozambique, giving a Bible to a pastor.







Following the close of the last service the people formed the traditional greeting line so that everyone gets to greet everyone.



Here you see Pastor Fernando Meque and his wife Ardinha, the pastoral couple for the host church, Guluja.



And here are Andrea Samuel and his wife Louisa, the pastoral couple of the visiting church, Makhambine.

When we got home after 7:00 PM – that is, after dark – we were exhausted, but also encouraged because we had seen healthy churches where the members worship God with enthusiasm and are eager to learn.

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