Two churches in the city

On Sunday, April 14, we attended the service at the Passagem de Nevil Brethren in Christ Church in Manga, a district of Beira, Mozambique. This was a joint service with the Mascarenha Church from a different district of the city. The attendance was about 70.



JoLene and Steve set up the items for Communion while the service had already begun with just a few people present. The people kept coming for an hour or more.




There were many different singing groups – you see one in the photo above. I lost count as to how many groups there were. They sang and danced with joy and enthusiasm. One feature of the singing is that one of the women blows a whistle (a typical referee’s whistle) loudly.


A layperson preached today. The young man in the red shirt interpreted into English. On the pulpit you will notice the Brethren in Christ emblem – cross, dove, and basin and towel. Admittedly, the colors are a bit faint.


Here you see the six persons – all seemed to be young adults – who were baptized on Easter Sunday. They received Communion first today, before the rest of the congregation.


Visiting after the service.


Raimundo and Tanya Simango, the pastoral couple of the Passagem de Nevil Church.


Lazaro Magiogio, pastor of the guest church today, the Mascarenha Church. He has also been recently appointed to be the superintendent of the churches. However, he was absent today because his father passed away suddenly yesterday.


This is Pastor Zacarias  Maharange and his wife. He is the provincial pastor for the Sofala Province which has 14 Brethren in Christ churches.

We rejoiced in seeing many signs of vitality as we worshiped with the above two churches in their joint service today.

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