A ministry to orphans

We are now in Johannesburg South Africa – specifically, in the district of Randburg. We are here to spend four days with our friend Angeline, and her daughter Melanie. Angeline is like a daughter to us. She is originally from Cameroon and now lives in in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she works for the United Nations. Melanie, age 16, attends a private school in Grahamstown, South Africa. Both of them flew to Johannesburg to spend these few days with us.

On April 16 we had a driver take us north of Pretoria to the Hammanskraal area to visit a ministry to orphans.



Bethesda Children’s Village is a specific part of Bethesda Outreach Ministry.



John Mixom, the director, originally from USA, told us about the Village. The staff includes workers who are black South Africans, white South Africans, and others from other nations. Placing orphans in homes, on the campus, with South African Christian parents makes this ministry different from other orphan centers.



Here is a view of some of the homes.



The work also includes Jubilane Christian Academy, where the Bethesda children and others from the surrounding community receive quality education.



On hot days this traditional-style shelter is the coolest place on campus.

I came to Bethesda because one of our Brethren in Christ young adults in USA is planning to come here to serve as a teacher, so I thought that since I am this close, it makes sense to see the work first-hand.

We were impressed with the vision, core values and programs of this well-rounded ministry.

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