Discipleship Group

Global worker Steve Newcomer says that one of the gratifying parts of his ministry is the discipleship group he leads every Sunday afternoon for about 25 pastors and lay leaders, some of them Brethren in Christ and others from a variety of other churches. The group meets at the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) center in Beira (Mozambique).

The approach of the group is to do direct study of the Bible, especially inductive study, a method in which you let the Bible speak for itself instead of imposing your own assumptions on the text. You ask questions such as who, what, how and why? You study the original intent of the author and the meaning for the first listeners or readers. Then, at last, you consider how this might apply to us today, and what God is saying to us through this Scripture.

I went with Steve to the group on Sunday evening, April 14. This week there were 17 participants, 15 men and two women.






On the wall of the MCC meeting room is an unusual item. A descriptive paper explains: This saxophone was created from former weapons by artisans in the Turning Weapons into Ploughshares Program (TAE in Portuguese). This program is coordinated by the Christian Council of Mozambique, which is MCC Mozambique’s longest-running partnership. MCC encourages the message of peace and hope which is central to TAE’s vision.

The Brethren in Christ Church is a member of MCC.



In my Mozambique blogs I have often spoken about missionaries Steve and Chris Newcomer. At last I got a photo of them.




The city of Beira is on the Indian Ocean, so I conclude with these beach scenes. Our churches hold baptisms at the beach. And Steve enjoys exploring the sand bar at low tide (the last photo above).

Thanks for following us around Mozambique.

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